About Us

Meet David Gay...MAPPS Coordinator

I love mathematics and love sharing it. The best moments of my forty years of teaching college mathematics were when light bulbs went on and students exclaimed Aha!

Much of my time at the University of Arizona, I spent with future teachers of mathematics and with math teachers in Arizona schools. I also love to write and have written three college textbooks: Solving Problems Using Elementary Mathematics, Geometry by Discovery, and Explorations in Topology: Map Coloring, Surfaces, and Knots.

I was the Principal Investigator for several projects having funding from outside the University, including teacher-enhancement programs for middle school teachers and programs to take Family Math into Arizona's small towns and cities. I was the Principal Investigator (along with Marta Civil) of the NSF-funded project that developed and piloted the MAPPS program.

My educational background includes a BA from Princeton and a PhD in mathematics from Dartmouth. Before coming to the U of A in 1977, I taught at UC Berkeley, Talladega College (Alabama), and New College (Sarasota, FL). 

Personal note:  I am married and have two children. When I'm not concentrating on mathematics,  I enjoy playing the pipe organ, hiking and reading mystery stories.  I am also a  gourmet cook, so you may just find me in the kitchen practicing my culinary skills.

Meet Mary Schumacher...MAPPS Director

Even as a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My earliest memories are those of my two younger sisters and me playing school. I, of course, was the teacher! Later on, I was inspired by my high school Geometry teacher to pursue my passion. With his encouragement, I got my BS from North Dakota University and a MST from the University of Arizona. I truly love math and working with youngsters, teachers and parents.

Currently, I am the MAPPS Director, which allows me to travel the country and lead professional development sessions. I love traveling and meeting with different teachers and parents setting up Math and Parent Programs. I have also had the privilege of co-authoring the MAPPS Guidebook, Workshops and Mini-Courses.

With 30 years of experience in math education, I joined the MAPPS Center in Tucson. Previously, I taught high school mathematics, was Math Department Chair and was involved in leading Math Professional Development Sessions. I have also written math curriculums. 

Personal note: I am married and I have one daughter who is happily married and one grandson.In my spare time, you will find me in my sewing room working on my quilts or hiding out in the  Northwoods!


Meet Christina Grossman...MAPPS Co-Director

In high school, I began to tutor students from junior high who were peers, to students who were older than I was at the time. Beginning my education at Northern Arizona University as a Computer Engineering major, mathematics education still had that magnetic pull on me. It took about a few minutes talking with my advisor, while he patiently and graciously listened, to come to the conclusion that I needed to move from engineering to mathematics education at the secondary level. From this endeavor, I graduated with a B.S. in Secondary Education in Mathematics through Northern Arizona University. Years after, I earned my M.A. in Middle School Mathematics Leadership through the University of Arizona.

With about 10 years of experience in mathematics education, I joined the MAPPS Center in Tucson. During my teaching career, I taught high school mathematics, was a district Math Specialist 9-12 and later 7-12, and was a Program Coordinator for a district-wide grant focusing to improve the knowledge base and instructional practices for teachers of mathematics grades K-8.

Being a part of the MAPPS Center as Co-Director allows me to connect with teachers, administrators, and most importantly the parents. Working in this field with parents is truly a wonderful and rewarding experience. It is a great privilege to help parents and their children communicate and understand mathematics at the home and feel that learning and understanding mathematics is no longer unattainable.

Personal note: I have a husband and son who are the world to me. From being a mathematics educator and full time mother, in my spare time I enjoy sleeping.