Success Stories 

Want to know more about how MAPPS has helped hundreds of parents and children across the country improve their math skills? (Just click on the links below for more in-depth accounts of parents and teachers who have participated in the MAPPS Program.)

MAPPS at Hohokam Middle School, Tucson, Arizona 2008 
Hohokam is a diverse school made up of  49% Native American, 49% Hispanic and 2% Anglo.  A group of forty parents participted in the Math for Parents Mini-Courses. This story will inspire you as you read about parent's past struggles with mathematics and how MAPPS is changing their outlook.

MAPPS at Sunnyside Unified School District, Tucson, Arizona 2000- 2001
Read about how the MAPPS Program impacted the AIMS Math Sub-tests.  Sunnyside  student body is 88% HIspanic, 5% White, 2% Black, 5% Native American and 1% Asian.

MAPPS at TUSD (12 Schools) and Amphi (La Cima), Tucson, Arizona 2004-2005
La Cima school saw an increase of 80% on their CRT's after implementing the MAPPS program.